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Over 2 million entertained LIVE… 60,000+ Hypnotised… A Hypnotist show to book now!

What The Audience Say.

Don’t just take it from us, let our “Comedy Hypnotist Show experts” do the talking!

Ex on the Beach “What happens when eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times? Well it gets even stranger when you add a Comedy Hypnotist Show into the mix! The Dreamweaver usually presents his Comedy Hypnotist Show to an audience of 1000’s. We were after someone who could deliver some spice to the mix. He set up one of the main cast and they came out with some jaw dropping revelations. If you plan to book him do it now. As I believe he will be in even more demand this year.”


MTV - Ex On The Beach - Whizzkid Entertainment London

Stage Hypnotist rocks Gibraltar

“A Hypnotist Stage Show was an idea presented to us by our corporate events agent. We are always looking to engage our key employees, and animate them, even for a corporate party. We asked the agent for exactly this. When she mentioned Stuart Ashing the comedy hypnotist actually lived near Marbella, handy for the Gibraltar corporate event we said we would trust her judgement on this as he came very highly recommended.

What a night! I’ve never seen one person ramp up the energy of our people like that. Even before he hypnotised them it all looked so fluid and easy. We don’t book on price we book on value for money and that is exactly what we received with a top Comedy Hypnotist Show from Stuart Ashing” (Gibraltar) SanRoque Golf Suites.

London CIty Airport hypnosis show

“You like me would be cautious to book a comedy stage hypnotist show! I was for about thirty seconds. Until I saw Stuart Ashing’s resume. Over 25 years experience, and a wide range of styles and audiences from Cambridge University May balls to ten years with First Choice Holidays at its flagship family resort in Spain.

He managed our unusual stage with ease, even when the WW2 Spitfire plane directly behind the stage backfired like a cannon.”

London Docklands local families loved the show. From the tiny tots to adults. London City Airport - Family fun day

What is a Comedy stage hypnotist show?

The Dreamweaver Comedy hypnotist Show is designed with 25 years of experience in creating an audience participation experience they will remember for a lifetime.

  • FUN

The Show begins with instant audience participation, followed by a light hearted blowout of old myths and misconceptions.

Then the real hypnosis party begins with usually more volunteers than seats on stage. then the best dozen are invited to stay and have a seat on stage.

The Hypnosis Show participants then experience the unique TRANCE DANCE and rapidly progress into a peaceful trance state, the show then kicks up another gear and off we go.!

Being Hypnotised is so very natural like a deep daydream where almost anything is possible. A high state of perception and awareness combined with a fluid energy allows them to experience various comedic scenes and have the audience laugh till there sides hurt.

The hypnotic trance state creates a sense of heightened awareness that brings out the best in the volunteer performers. Your volunteers role-play in various hypnosis comedy routines that have your audience doubled over with laughter.

Imagine organising a successful event such as this! THIS IS NOT TELEVISION! ITS LIVE BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES

As you can imagine, everyone so awestruck with the show. Audiences share photos and comments all over Facebook and Twitter, and talk about it for days afterwards.

What You Will Experience:

Everyday people, friends, workmates become the stars of the show!

  • A performance at speed which the audience and volunteers enjoy immensely
  • Comedy with tongue firmly in cheek. Clean fun for all ages
  • Those who you thought would never laugh DO
  • The energy of a rock concert grips the room.

Corporate Entertainment

You want to be responsible for booking the very best for your company event?

With 25 years entertaining at some of London’s most prestigious venues. Stuart Ashing  has a long track record of delivering just the right type of comedy hypnotist show to every type of audience.

Clients include:

Venue: San Roque Suites – Gibraltar

For a a company that is growing fast and furious, with talent to match. We asked Stuart if he could safely deliver on our biggest clients special awards event. And does he ever get nervous before a show. Answer – “Yes & not that I’m aware of, I’m to busy having fun. Respect and best wishes Emily Brown – Corporate Event Organiser- Gibraltar

Venue: London City Airport – Royal Docks (London)

A flexible fun entertainer that produces the goods, even under fire. Five minutes into his show the Helicopter fired up its engines directly behind the stage completely drowning out the show for a couple of minutes. The look on Stuarts face was a treat. Good family entertainment. Happy to add to the stage hypnotist testimonials

Respect and best wishes Samantha Bowes – Event Organiser

Venue: Langham Hotel – London

For our energetic team and company winners of the annual awards event, we wanted something special to remember it by. Thank you! Gary Laurence – Huntress Recruitment Group

Venue: Paris, J.P.Morgan

The Paris staff can really party on our few opportunities to have a night out. Stuart showed them all a good time and kept the venue a secret. As requested. J.P Morgan – Paris

Venue: St Johns Wood, London

From the “The Communication Group PLC” team, we thank Stuart Ashing for a show we will never forget. After the Director made the annual awards, we were bedazzled by the energy and fun of a lovely man at play. Lyndsey Wienand  – The Communication Group PLC

Video - Comedy Hypnotist Show


If you love seeing a comedy stage hypnotist show, or looking to book an excellent hypnosis show, or just curious how hypnotism works. You are in the right place!

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