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Over 2 million entertained LIVE… 60,000+ Hypnotised !
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What The Audience Say.

Don’t just take it from us, let our “Hypnosis Show experts” do the talking!

Ex on the Beach  
We were after someone who could deliver some spice to the mix for the first season filmed in Marbella. He set up some of the main cast and they came out with some jaw dropping moments.”

MTV - Ex On The Beach - Whizzkid Entertainment London

London CIty Airport hypnosis show

“He managed our unusual outdoor stage with ease, even when the WW2 Spitfire plane directly behind the stage backfired like a cannon. London Docklands local families loved the show. From the tiny tots to adults.”

London City Airport - Family fun day

Stage Hypnotist rocks Gibraltar

“What a night! I’ve never seen one person ramp up the energy of our people like that. Even before he hypnotised them it all looked so fluid and easy. We book on value for money and that is exactly what we received.” (Gibraltar) SanRoque Golf Suites.

What is this Comedy stage hypnosis show about?

With a large splash of how the hell did he just do that!
The Dreamweaver.   A Comedy hypnotist  with 25 years of experience in wowing an audience, and an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

  • FUN
  • TASTEFUL ( enough)

The Show begins with instant audience participation, and a blowout of old myths.

Then the real hypnosis party begins with volunteers coming up on stage. then the best dozen are invited to stay and be hypnotised live in front of the audience!


The Hypnosis Show participants then experience the unique TRANCE DANCE and rapidly progress into a trance state, the show then kicks up another gear and off we go!

Being Hypnotised is so very natural like a deep daydream where almost anything is possible, and  the audience laugh until there sides hurt.

Imagine organising a successful event such as this! Your audiences will share photos and comments all over Facebook and Twitter, and talk about it for days afterwards.

What You Will Experience:

Friends and workmates become the stars of the show!

  • A performance at a speed and timing which the audience and volunteers enjoy immensely
  • Comedy with tongue firmly in cheek. Clean fun for all ages and tastes
  • Those who you thought would never laugh DO
  • The energy grips the room.

Responsible for booking the very best for your Corporate Entertainment?

With 25 years entertaining at some of London’s most prestigious venues. Stuart Ashing  has a long track record of delivering just the right type of comedy hypnosis show to your audience.


Looking to book an excellent hypnosis show. You are in the right place!

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