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30 years of performing his high energy one man comedy touring show and on TV has produced condensed experience developed into simple key elements of mass communication, mind training and coaching.

This key knowledge can help you fully release potential and engage yourself in your life, relationships and career. 

Learn from the best

Your life is your stage
and having bullet proof mental skills are the most powerful ways to connect you to the people you value most.

When its time to perform and deliver, can you?

Many rate public speaking almost as high as death! Whether you need to stand up in front of your spouse or child or to over 3000 faces looking back.
Having expert help give you the edge.

This image is from a presentation to 3000 graduates in Goa University India.


Keeping cool when the cameras are rolling, its key to stay present and aware.

The fear even the best have, destroys your flow and recall.

Seen on MTV by over 7 million. 

You can have those fears leveled out with Stuart Ashing. He is also a skilled therapist and coach to high level business people from around the globe.

Some of his clients include the Icelandic martial arts team coach, a Property company in Washington USA, a TV presenter. 

Life transformation. You are in the right place!