A Minorcan Tale part 22 | Stage Hypnosis Summer season in Minorca for Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show
We arrange for knives to be thrown at our son

A Trip of a life time: Being the wife of a comedy stage hypnotist it is not as glamorous as some people think: thank you for following my ramblings

Not as cruel or dramatic as the title sounds. Those following the story will have briefly been introduced to the Chico Show, they are a Russian family who perform a clowning come acrobatic act. Their son Alexei is 15 and part of the act and their daughter Nadia is only 4 but does have a bit part, she is a very clever little girl and is the only one in the family who can now speak a little English, mostly we all communicated in a cross between Spanish and charades !

Their show was one of Simon’s favourites, so we had seen it a few times, our eldest son Chris however had not

We had pre-arranged for Alexei to drag Chris onto the stage as part of the act. They set up a large board and tied Chris’s hands to it out stretched, then placed balloons beside each hand, sides of his head and between his legs, then they got the big knives out…… Chris did turn a little pale, and then he was blind folded.


No they weren’t really going to chuck knives at my son, While Vladimir geed up the crowd into shouting uno dos tres Alexei crept from behind the board with a knife and stabbed it through a balloon, this continued until all the balloons had been popped, only then did they remove Chris’s blind fold.


It wasn’t until we got back to the apartment and played back the video I had filmed that he saw what had really happened, he really thought some mad Russian was throwing knives at him and he had just stood there and let him, I asked him why and he said “well they are your friends so I knew it would be ok” he was quite young and fairly naive all those years ago…….


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