A Minorcan Tale part 25 | Stage Hypnosis Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show: Summer season in Minorca

A Trip of a life time The Final Part

I would like to thank all of you who have followed my story over that last few weeks, and especially all of you that took the time to contact me personally.
I feel that I can no longer do this blog justice as I just don’t have the time to write all of our exploits down, as we are so busy still having them! We are still performing the Dreamweaver Comedy Hypnosis Show (now in its 21st year) every week in Southern Spain and regularly travel to the UK to perform. We still have many adventures all around the world

I may do a catch up over this coming winter
volume 2 It shouldn’t happen to a stage hypnotists wife…………………..

I will however leave you with this thought, that summer had been one of the most exciting and eventful time’s I can remember, it led to the decision we made to move to Spain completely, and although we had a bit of a tough time when we first arrived there, in all honesty I don’t think I would have changed a thing, it added to the drama and gave me pages of material to write about, without it this blog may have just read,

Everything going well, weather wonderful,

now where’s the drama in that ?

To be continued …………………..