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How to avoid disaster when promoting a hypnosis show event.

Who are your audience and where are they? 

If you are a venue with a regular flow of people that likes comedy and comedy hypnosis shows great!  Or have a group of employees or members who have a sense of humour and energy who really want good quality entertainment. Excellent.

If your venue is already struggling to get people through the door, I would suggest you reconsider.

Or if you don’t have contact with with the above groups of people, reconsider.

The best shows we have presented are to open minded fun loving crowds usually with more than 100 people. The type of event is not important whether it is a corporate event in the heart of London theatreland in the Cafe Royal, or 1000 holidaymakers with young children near Marbella  Spain. Or 800 Cambridge Students having their May Balls.

SO – Be fairly sure where your audience is coming from, as our contract clearly states the cancellation policy and low or no audience. No people no show.

Some of the worst examples of event management and promotion I have encountered are:

  • A venue with few people and little energy have a separate locked function room out of use for 5 years. They decide to run a series of very expensive entertainment events with little or no publicity. Very few showed up.
  • A venue trying to promote a Friday show on Thursday night.
  • I drive 300 miles from a show in the north to one show just outside London to find they FORGOT TO ADVERTISE.


These situations are few and far, but they do happen. I love to entertain and show people the power of their own minds at play with my hypnosis show skills. So part of our service is ensuring you do promote and help you as much as we can. With Quality posters and pre written PR publicity emails and media clips.

We make sure that when you book we ask a few simple questions that help us to help you avoid the pain of having to pay out when no one shows up. That you enjoy and profit from the night either by strengthened employee loyalty, or profit for your venue.

hypnosis show london and Marbella Spain. A quality hypnosis show for your special corporate entertainment event.

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