Hi I’m Stuart Ashing

Your life is your stage

I’m Celebrating! 30 Years since my first step on to the stage.
I’m revealing some simple powerful secrets to you.
“Our secret – Your Secret” will help get more of what you want in life. Quicker!

As a Stage Hypnotist for 30 Years

I have learned a  lot about people including myself and what turns them on, and off!

All of this needed massive mental flexibility

  • FULL awareness and presence
  • GENUINE sensitivity and openesss
  • ABSOLUTE bloody mindedness
  • TOTAL focus, and tenacity.

Getting into the RIGHT state of mind second by second is key.  All while managing up to 15 volunteers on stage AND an audience of up to 3000 people!

As a Coach and Therapist to leaders

 Behind the scenes my wife and I are highly specialised therapists.
We have Lux Therapy Clinic in Marbella. 

Clients ranging from:

  • Arabic businessman
  • Olympic Team coach 
  • Executive Chef
  • Property agent in Washington USA
  • Pro Bono for a penniless addict in our town
  • A Corporate Layer in the USA
  • A high ranking Police comissioner in the UK.
  • Property companies around Marbella.
  • Research Scientist – France
  • Luxury Yacht Captain


Our Secret – Your Secret 


I have compressed 30 years of focus and mindset in to one simple program you can use now!

To attract more of what you DO want into your life.

To balance yourself, your skils and confidence while you move forward into that.

 Our Secret – Your Secret 

This special 30 day program. A set of three key parts. Designed to teach you how to improve your life today and future in 30 days, not 30 years !

Two audio files and a guide book


Has instructions on how best to use the audio files and when.
PLUS additional tips
How to create daily affirmations and use them effectively. 


Clarity focus & Awareness

This clears the path for the second AUDIO

Opens you mind to your possibilities

How to focus better

How to Clear you mind of chatter

How to be very Aware and calm


That you want, where you want it!
Listen daily for 30 days to wire in the learning



Dreams to Reality

After 30 days of audio One – Audio Two is twice a week for the second month.
Deep and powerful Clinical Hypnosis to

Lock in the learnings Deep in that place where your desires become action

To get full support from your unconcious mind

30 days of this re-wires new patterns & allows old unhelpful habits to fade and wither

This Deep reinforcment of what you want to BE DO or HAVE. Makes life flow better towards your future plans.  



30 years ago

I stepped out of my comfort zone and onto life’s stage….Literally!

I used pulled together some special hypnotic mental process to be able to do that. NO INTERNET !
Night after night. Imagine what its like standing on a stage looking out at 300 or more expectant, sometimes sceptical faces…. waiting for somthing to happen. And it did! Usually high energy and magical!

Because I knew what I wanted long term, I learned by instict and finding good mentors ….. I just wasn’t totally sure what it was I was doing that created the focus and flow that brought the changes that followed.

What Changed

I have found getting into the RIGHT state of mind second by second is the key.

TOTAL focus, and tenacity.

FULL awareness and presence

ABSOLUTE bloody mindedness

GENUINE sensitivity and openesss

Getting clear on what you want and applying all of the above to it! AT THE RIGHT TIME

CREATING THE “NOW” That you want, where you want it!



It’s crazy stuff, I only wish someone had shown me how to use this law of attraction, manifestation, the secret what ever you want to call it, at the beginning of my career, instead it took me years to fine tune it and myself.
It’s time to give back to the world, this 30 years of experience, skill and knowledge, so now today you can use it,

With this special program designed to teach you how to do this in 30 days, not 30 years !


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.