FAQ - Top tips for Booking a Stage Hypnosis Show

Here are the essential answers on booking The Dreamweaver Stage hypnosis show. On this page you’ll find the answers to the most frequent questions asked about bringing Stuart Ashing and his awesome Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show to your event. Stuart Ashing performs over 150 hypnosis shows every year!
Who can take part in the show?

In any country this show is run according to UK policies and guidlines.
So all volunteers are over 18 years of age.

Should I Create a list of interested volunteers before the Stage Hypnosis Show?


It is important to raise anticipation. With sharing on Facebook and social media. Getting your guests to choose before the event is extra unnecessary work for you and those organising it. If you have people who want to take part, just ask them to get up quickly when volunteers are asked for.

The show starts with playful audience participation designed to energise your guests and they will know when it is time to volunteer enthusiastically.

Are volunteers chosen for a Stage Hypnosis Show?



All participants volunteer themselves to take part. Only audience members that are interested in participating will be allowed to come on stage.

Naturally, some people will prefer to be “a part of the action”, and others will desire to sit back and watch the mayhem.

Stuart Ashing is an expert at putting your audience members at ease, all designed to get people excited and enjoy participating. Dispelling old myths and misconceptions in his unique playful yet professional style is all part of the hypnosis show opening.

Since almost everyone can take part in the fun interactive suggestibility test, it is quickly made clear that everyone has the ability to quickly enter the trance state!

Many event organisers comment on how energised and motivated the audience are, and by the rush to get on stage to be hypnotised, and part of the show.  The end result is always a satisfied engaged audience that has been mystified and thoroughly entertained with comedy hypnosis at its best.

Do Stage Hypnosis volunteers truly have fun?




They are all treated with maximum respect as the true stars of the show. In truth, they will have the most fun of anyone attending your event! Ask anyone who has been hypnotised by Stuart Ashing. After the performance, they’ll feel great and be very glad they participated.

Stage Hypnosis brings back elvis to rock da house

Elvis rocks da house

Stage Hypnosis makes your shoe look like an Iphone?

Stage hypnosis makes a show into an iphone?


So they can share this experience of a lifetime, we video every show and make copies available to the volunteers. Either to buy or a gift from the event organiser.

Can I make the Hypnosis Show a surprise for our guests?




Possible but not a good idea! Please ensure your guests know in advance about the great hypnosis entertainment you have booked for them. Even if it is as they arrive at your event or corporate event. Last minute surprises for your guests can be unhelpful to having the best the show can offer.

A Stage Hypnosis Show works with psychological principles of anticipation and expectation. By promoting your show in advance of the event:

  1. They will find it interesting to talk about and share on social media.
  2. An event to look forward to
  3. Both the energy, enthusiasm and numbers of the volunteers taking part will be much stronger on the day of your event.
How do we promote the entertainment in advance of our event?




We have a variety of downloadable files to help you promote your event entertainment. These include press releases, high resolution pictures, a bio-sheet, etc. Use our files to promote your upcoming Stage Hypnotist Show in email blasts, event brochures, welcome packages, event posters, and news releases.

What size of audience and Function types?




Stuart Ashing performs to audiences from 150 up to 5000+. If your audience is likely to be under 100 we would need a few other details and discuss this.

There is no upper limit providing the venue has good lines of sight to the stage, and adequate sound and lighting facilities.

For smaller intimate corporate events, a minimum of around a hundred is a good number to create the right atmosphere.

How long is a Stage Hypnosis Show?




The show is 60 or up to 90 minutes in length depending on the needs of your event. Most Cabaret spots are around 60 to 75 minutes, and larger venues easily make 90 minutes a must see show.
In events where less than 60 minutes is required please contact us for details.

What is the FEE?



Due to the many factors involved in planning each unique event, all booking fees are negotiated.  To make your planning as simple as possible, we’ll discuss your needs and those of the show, and then quote you a fee that works for you or recommend that you do not book a hypnotist if your event is unsuitable

You will have an exact fee to use for budgeting purposes.

We request a booking deposit is paid, usually between 30% and 50% of the full fee.




On your agreement of the details a British Equity standard variety contract will be issued for your signature and return along with the agreed booking deposit.
Unless via an agent who usually arrange this. 

Do you have insurance ?



Yes. Stuart Ashing holds a £2,000,000 public liability policy.

He has never needed to make any claim since starting his career in stage hypnosis in 1993!

IS permission or licence to have a Stage Hypnosis Show required?



For public events in the United Kingdom which are open to the public, generally yes. We have contacts in all the main council offices throughout the UK, and this show has never been refused permission by any local or metropolitan Council. In the United Kingdom guidelines vary between England & Scotland but usually it is best practice that we apply on your behalf  as we know the system of application and will deal with each council directly. Usually there is no fee for this application however some local councils do levy a small fee for administration.

Where do you perform?



All areas of the United Kingdom and Internationally to English speaking audiences.
On arranging your event it is easier and less costly if the venue is within easy travel of a regional airport. Recent venues have been near to Goa India, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and East Midland Airport, Germany.

Stuart has performed his show from Aberdeen in Scotland down to Egypt Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, Spain, and Germany. He can usually get a flight to anywhere in Europe within a few hours.

The Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show can be presented in a ballroom, club, theatre, or even outdoors.

Most larger venues have suitable sound and lighting equipment without any additional costs involved. For UK events with smaller audiences we will consult with the venue and can arrange full sound and lighting equipment. This additional cost can be calculated in with the fee.

For this type of show it is very important that the guests can easily see what is happening, and hear what is happening. For this reason we work to ensure that the very best sound and lighting is available for your event.

Any place where there is room for an audience and a performance area, you can look forward to an amazing show.


What are the Hypnosis Show technical requirements?



  1. Performance area of 20′ x 16′ or more is ideal
  2. 7 up to 20 straight back armless chairs for the volunteer participants.
  3. Quality sound system with a hand held wireless microphone.
  4. Stage monitors with post fader feed from mixer
  5. Input for music from mp3 player / or connected PC with music software.
  6. Sufficient strong lighting for stage to be fully lit and seen easily by the audience.

We will usually discuss what equipment the venue has or speak with the venue directly to arrange this.
The equipment supply agreement forms part of the booking contract.


What experience and training does Stuart Ashing have?



He has entertained over 2 million people live with this hypnosis show, and is also a professional actor.

Stuart Ashing has been performing Stage hypnosis since 1991 and is a Certified Master practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis. NLP and Timeline Therapy®. He has trained at Regents College London, and with master Hypnotist Ormond McGill who was the leading therapist and entertainer in the USA for over 50 years. More details are here




Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Entertainment

A Stage Hypnosis Show will set a new standard for entertainment for your future events. The Dreamweaver provides a unique show that audiences rave about.

Sharing laughter unites organizations and stimulates morale. Take the worry out of planning your event by booking THE DREAMWEAVER Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show.