You’re back in the room? or Nice to see you to see you nice?

Unique game show hosted by Phillip Schofield. Five strangers take on apparently simple challenges to win money, but each contestant has been hypnotised causing them to inadvertently sabotage their chances of winning with hilarious consequences.
You’re Back in the Room | Season 1 Episode 1 | Pilot

safe_imageI watched this last night on youtube. After 25 years in stage hypnosis, and seen many highs and lows in the trade, I would say that this programme is good news for hypnosis everywhere.

I like how Phillip Schofield declares the volunteers are well and truly hypnotised. (Whether he knows or not!) because when Phillip says so it must be true….mustn’t it.

Isn’t this the truth behind hypnosis? Belief and validation. Perceived authority mixed with harmless fun.

They managed to skip completely the “clasping hands” and falling back classic Stage hypnosis show / Faith healer type trance induction. And just state OK they are hypnotised!

As far as the material goes, much is mixes of classic stage hypnosis show skits. “The person I’m touching on the shoulder now. When X happens you will believe Y / or react in such and such a way”

I believe that for all its branded as Hypnosis, the actual hypnotist takes a secondary role to Phillip Schofield. interesting how something with historic undertones of “Burn the witch” has been sugar coated with the warmth and strength of Phillip Schofield.


It could be the start of another life-cycle of hypnosis in the UK headlines. Classic Boom bust then “Burn the witch” my pretties.

It could be that every moral stage hypnotist & hypnotherapist in the UK who have been maltreated by the media over the years. Get to help thousands more people be free from there problems with hypnosis, and entertain with hypnosis. The financial rain we have been waiting last seen in the late 80’s and early 90’s will be very welcome. The downside will open the floodgates once more to the wannabe charlatans.

If you have an emotional or behavioural problem and need help. Hypnosis does, but shop carefully.