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When I get an invite to visit Goa India…. With a hypnosis show for 2500 Students…. Well I think …MMMM  OK ! 
A new experience !
The most memorable was nearly getting knocked over by the stampede of 70+ students trying to get to one of the 12 chairs on stage.
Normally I keep  the numbers down on stage so we can move on quickly, but this time I thought lets go for a record number of drops into trance in one show!

Since its India and University rules are no alcohol allowed. They don’t need booze to have amazing energy and eager to take part as audience or on the show.

Just to be on the safe side I googled India’s taboo subjects. For I’m excellent at taking an English audience to the edge and back but lynching or being thrown in prison for breaking a huge social rule was not going to be part of my memories from Goa !!

Huge thank you to the Quark 18 team for helping me technically socially and amazing attitude.