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To Celebrate. We are excited and about to release a product / training based on my 30 years experience.
Creating a consistent focussed peak mindset on stage and off has been the critical factor. This lead to my high level of performance with the hypnosis show and private clients getting a fast transformation in key areas of life and personal issues .

Its getting the final polish for release shortly!

30 years ago I handed my notice in to my branch manager. Closed the office door of my life of 10 years in financial services & investments.

Closed the door to sales targets, nagging managers whose only interest in me was a score on a door, and lots of money!

“Why!? ” My manager asked. “Are you off to another company?”.

“No, simply letting go of a job that I feel is crushing my natural spark and joy. Causing me to drink to much and lose sight of who I am and where I want to go in life!”

“Thanks! its been a blast!”

This journey began six months earlier with a book on self hypnosis I discovered.

A book that helped me to connect more deeply with who I am and what I want for me and this world we live in.

The story and journey since has been mind blowing. I have now entertained over 1 million people live with hypnosis. And about 7 million have seen me on MTV. I now have a clinic in Marbella near my home for helping smart people to realise they don’t have to burn out or remain frustrated.

They have a choice. You have a choice!

Its time to give back to the world my experience skill and knowledge.

If you follow me here we will be posting updates this week on the launch date and the secret of what it contains and how it may help you to break free or breakhrough.

My facebook page is

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Stuart Ashing