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The World saw ex footballer Ash Ex on the beach 2 star @MrAshleyCain truly nailed with hypnosis by hypnotist Stuart Ashing @stuartashing in series one of #ExOnTheBeach also Talitha and Marco got the treatment too.

Although its sometimes tough hypnotising folk who have absolutely zero idea what is about to happen, Stuart Ashing pulled it off. Unknown to him, the tension in the house was reaching boiling point.

Then after days of mind games as each vied for the attention of the others, the director drops a hypnotist into the pot!

After a few seconds weighing up each other, they start to play the game of lets get hypnotised. A few minutes in Ash, Talitha, and two others are hypnotised and wildy playing air guitar.

A whole hour was filmed with Ash Ex on the beach, and cut down to a mere few minutes, but MTV editors captured the essence of the action, and left out some juicy bits. Who knows if these will be in.
Ex On The Beach – SERIES 2!
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 at 22:00

There were some jaw dropping moments when ash was hypnotised including seeing the girls all naked thru the X-ray specs. And it didn’t stop there, he said exactly what he would like to do to who and how!

Stay tuned.

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