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Important dates and Figures in the history of Hypnosis and NLP
The list contains the outstanding events and Characters in the development of Hypnosis

2000 – 1000 BCAncient Egyption Sleep Temples
Romans Borrow trance healing from the Greeks
1770’sFather Gassner treats illness by “Casting out demons” while patients are lying prone
1775Franz Anton Mesmer treats patients with the use of magnets and suggestion
1784Marquis de puysegur coins the term “sonambulism” for his sleep like trance
1815Abbe Jose Faria develops the “fixed gaze” method of induction
1837John Elliottson performs major operations using hypnosis in London
1840’sJames Braid coins the term “Hypnosis” after the Greek word Hypnosis “to Sleep”
1864Dr. Liebault treats patients hypnotically in Nancy France
1886Hippolyte Bernheim publishes “Suggestive therapeutics” a classic hypnosis text
1878Dr James Charcot experiments with hypnosis and treating symptoms
1880Dr Josef Breuer treats Bertha Pappenheim for hysteria and discovers repression, conversion and catharsis
1885-1900’sSigmund Freud spends time with Charcot in France. And informed of the discovery of catharsis by Breuer
1895Breuer & Freud jointly publish “studies on Hysteria
1900’sEmile Coue develops his “law of reversed effort” and publishes books on Auto suggestion
1900’s to nowStage Hypnosis rises as an entertainment form in theatres and Music halls
1930’s-1960’sDave Elman teaches hypnosis to hundreds of physicians al over the United States
1957Noam Chomsky publishes a revolution in the understanding of  linguistics. “Syntactic Structures”
1950’sBritish and American Medical Associations accept hypnosis as a useful method
1960’sHypnotherapy gains popularity and is seen by many a positive aid in treating emotional and behavioral problems
1977 to nowRichard banldler and John Grinder Develop NLP based on the works of Noam Choamsky, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson