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A child learns by saying the classic words. “Waas Dat” German to many without experience of children. Translated – Whats that? Or another…. Why? or How does it work?

And so it was. Except I had immense curiosity about everything all the time. Some call this ADD “Attention deficit disorder”, some call it ” the teachers cant keep up with this bombardment of questions!”

The main questions I had which are ongoing are “Why are some people so F****ng nasty, and others are smooth as silk and even more helpful?
This I think is the reason I find Psychology and associated areas so fascinating and a source of endless frustration, joy, wonder and awe.
Over the last few years since 2005 when I finally studied an became a certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner. I have had some amazing experiences and insights.

Most of the “Nasties” – people with a chip on there shoulder I now understand more and help some of those who are suffering at the hands of their own memories and beliefs.
If you’re not sure what I mean try this.
People tend to get what they think about all the time. So those who believe they and kind and helpful, get praise for being so. Usually. And others who dwell constantly on how the world has and always will be unkind to them, tend to dish this out to others in “return”. Guess what? The world becomes unkind to them in response to their own self held belief.
Now this may be reaching a bit for those of you not having any experience in this subject.
Lets see if you can grasp this.
All matter ( objects, car house people ) is energy solidified. For example if you looked closely into your hand and looked deeper with the right tools you would see the atoms and inside those the particles making up the atom. These particles are called “quantum” because they are never in predictable places given the speed and direction. Its almost like they rapidly blink from one position to another. And Yet this is going on inside what appears to be a solid hand !!
So the point I’m making is we are made up of Electromagnetic energy. That being the case, then if we tune ourselves to a particular “frequency” then the Like attracts like, and the unlike repels etc etc.

After 18 years studying Stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I begin to see connections that are obvious when you finally get it. Yet I know that you may be reading this as I would have done a number of years ago, thinking “this guy looks OK but sounds nuts”

Try it. Spend some time each day just thinking about those things you are grateful for in you life. And second, some time thinking about those things you can enjoy having in your life as though already here and now.
Keep me posted on your outcomes