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Of my first experiences of self hypnosis, one revelation stands out above all.Have you ever had the experience, when a parent or significant other has asked you to do something which created a “I don’t want to do this but I’ll say yes any way” situation.
Then guess what, you forgot to do it. Well, each self hypnosis excursion gave me the ability to temporarily put the world “on hold”. And while doing this just sit back and watch events in my mind play out. Then adjust the situations until I came up with better solutions. Ultimately this adjusting the events inside began to have an effect on the outside. people and friends would say I was more certain, and self assured.
Most of the events described above, helped me to explore what was really out there. Rather than the beliefs and values I had been given when younger.
One of the very basic rule breakers, Hypnosis aside, was to write out six things that would seen to cause moderate anxiety yet the achieving of them would give pleasure and reward. For instance going out with friends even though they were not good company last time. Result either they are excellent fun or meet new friends. Throw a dice and agree that you will do without question the numbered item.
These are all examples of how we let our internal set of rules, or as Dr Brian Roet Called them “The Book Of Should” govern our lives.
Now believe me many of them are Golden Rules. Yet to many people live with the mad rules and cause themselves conflict.
Hypnosis or vagueHave a look at this Classic optical illusion. Old or young?
Some see old some see young !!
So whats going on here? The drawing is deliberately vague, and each person interprets the image there own way.
This shows that we can place different meanings on many things around us. Its our responsibility to ourselves to tidy up some of the vague meanings we have learned along the way.

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