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MTV - Ex on the beachThis Spring MTV airs its new reality series “Ex on the Beach” to be broadcast worldwide. You can see me in action doing my stuff with the show main cast. Its not my usual live hypnosis show, but some of the reactions were very strong all the same. I can’t yet reveal exactly what happens in the show due to publicity restrictions in the contract.

BUT I will post updates as an when I’m allowed. I can say it was an absolute rush. One of the guests filmed came out with a jaw dropper while under my spell. Stay tuned, I’ll give you some more over the coming weeks.

So Whats the Story?

Mid September I was doing my usual self hypnosis session sat in my office focused on what my future may hold. (If you have read “The Secret” or any other type of manifestation methods, you will know where I’m coming from. If you haven’t, do yourself a big favour and get a copy of the DVD or book. )

So I was thinking it all sometimes seems very complicated, just to get things done and have more of what you want in life. Send emails, have meetings, lots of back and forward to then have an opportunity evaporate.

Well i asked myself the question. What would be fun and good for me and others in relation to my career?
Answer do some television or a movie! Just have it happen.

About 30 minutes later the phone rang with a Spanish guy on the other end asking if I am the guy who does a hypnosis show. As the call progressed it turned out they were looking for a hypnotist to work on their production. Later I discovered it would be titled for release “Ex on the Beach” and be on MTV in 2014.

After a number of calls that day the contract was agreed and the following day I was off to a mansion of a villa in Marbella to meet the cast and record my segment.

WOW you just can’t make this stuff up.

Even though I have 20 years of working onstage with my hypnosis show, and some TV experience I must admit to having some curious feelings about the whole thing. As it turned out the director and producer thanked me for my input and said it was exactly what they were aiming for in the briefing.

Stay tuned – I will reveal more as I can.